music video

directed by jenna josepher + jacki huntington

As technology has changed, making and sharing music has changed. The whole creation and distribution strategy of NVDES as a project, including these music videos, bucks tradition and attempts to reach people where they’re at. NVDES is more of an art project than a band – shifting to fit logistics and creative whims – and the music videos are more social media visuals than pristine little films. While full length versions of the visuals exist and are viewable as full, song-length videos to let people listen, we consider them secondary. If the goal is to simply reach eyeballs, we thought, then put most energy into creating a striking visual, however short, to serve as a kind of digital ad campaign.

As a collection of four songs, we explored a different vibe with each video. Imagined as a sexy, morbid York Peppermint Patty commercial, Amsterdam In My Mind is about visually defining the idea that contradicting emotions can simultaneously exist on different planes. Aesthetically, we played with the frame, composition, and format.

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Music: NVDES 

Directors: Jenna Josepher & Jacki Huntington 

Line Producer: Ryen Williams 

Wardrobe: Sara Hinkley 

Make Up + Hair: Priscilla Perez 

Lighting/Neat Guy: Max Dworkin 

Nail Design: Janine Lee from Floss Gloss 

Set Design: Taylor Huff 

Props stylist: Liz Borger 

Model: Geordan Briscoe