Chevron x t brand studio

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Chevron approached T Brand Studio for a creative answer to a dilemma— how to make data more interesting to read about? Previously, Chevron and T Brand had collaborated on What Do You Really Know About Natural Gas and How Our Energy Needs are Changing and were seeking a novel, more visually engaging way to tell the story of their data.

As associate creative director, I played a key role in the creative concept and direction of How Abundant Energy Is Fueling U.S. Growth. I invigorated how existing information could be retold in a fresh way, and I designed the page to scroll horizontally to emphasize Chevron’s progressive message.

Creative Director: Alicia Hallett-Chan

Associate Creative Director, New Business: Jenna Josepher

Art Director: Nicole Marie Rincon

Lead Designer: Patricia Sanchez

Designer: Nicholas Garber

Editorial: Adam Aston, Nathan Reese

Producer: Jen Wu

Photo Editori: Sophie Butcher

Illustrator: Giacomo Bagnara