exponents branding 

Branding and art direction for Exponents.org

Leaders in Transforming Lives

Exponents, celebrating their 25th year in 2015, is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to helping men and women suffering from the effects of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. The programs they offer are a synthesis of therapeutic community classes and low threshold principles that engage and retain clients in services. They are designed to support successful life transitions for the neediest of New Yorkers by empowering individual responsibility in an inspiring community setting. I had the rare privilege of rebranding such a radical and progressive company whose values I could really stand behind. When I took a tour of their offices, I was introduced to a class in the middle of a lesson, and was overwhelmed by the palpable positivity and happiness that filled the room. I wanted their new look to evoke that same feeling. The new Exponents system is as jazzy, flavorful, diverse, and joyous as their clientele. The Exponents program tenets are about embracing your imperfections, and finding ways to "make it work" both in individual and group settings. I utilized a series of geometric pieces that initially, may seem abstract, but ultimately fit together to create something greater than itself.