Hoop Nose Ring

music video Directed by Jenna Josepher + Ege Soyuer

Premiered on Vice's Noisey Column

Also Featured on girls are awesome, and Dooby Brain

The directorial debut of partners, Jenna Josepher and Ege Soyuer, Hoop Nose Ring is a study of interaction between color, gestural animation, and the human body. This no-budget passion project was only possible because of the incredible, grassroots, mostly-female production crew and cast—an offbeat and diverse bunch of badass, open-minded collaborators from the NYC creative community. We hope the future of music video culture embraces what Hoop Nose Ring is all about; free creative agency, playfulness, self-validation, and media produced in free, supportive spaces.

As the illustrious pop-song on his debut album, BLACKWATCHSAD, Hoop Nose Ring is a love letter from one man, GETOVERHER (AKA Jason Scott Henderson,) to the diverse rainbow of women in his hometown of NYC, with the understanding that the future is female.

Music by Get Over Her featuring KAR and Snappy Jit

Directed by Jenna Josepher + Ege Soyuer

Director of Photography: Jacki Huntington

Gaffer/Producer: Kevin Kushner

Camera Operator: Theo Cote

Line Producer, HBIC: Brette Graber

Stylist: Sara Hinkley

Stylist Assistant: Andrea Patsko

Make Up Designer: Priscilla Perez

Make Up Assistant: Diana Argueta

Props Stylist: Megan Kelly

Production Assistant: Athena Manolopoulos

Nails by FlossGloss

Dancers: Ali Brasky, Annie Rigney, Evelyn Chen, Geordan Briscoe, Katyann Gonzalez, Sully Odi Romero, Janine Lee, Ashley Reese, Alexa Leighton, Morgan Nixon, Sara Hinkley, Brette Graber

Post Production: Hornet Inc.

Design: Ege Soyuer, Moree Wu, Mercy Lomelin

Animation: Olivia Blanc, Dupp Du, Chris Guyot, Aaron Kemnizter, Ege Soyuer, Camille Vincent, Moree Wu

Compositing: Ted Wiggin, Jon Harrison

Edit: Jenna Josepher, Anita Chao

Special Thanks: Hornet Inc., Sext Pixels, FlossGloss, Joanna Rockwell, Franny Perry