Hoop Nose Ring by getoverher

music video Directed by Jenna Josepher + Ege Soyuer

Premiered on Vice's Noisey Column

Also Featured on girls are awesome, and Dooby Brain

The directorial debut of partners, Jenna Josepher and Ege Soyuer, Hoop Nose Ring is a study of interaction between color, gestural animation, and the human body. This no-budget passion project was only possible because of the incredible, grassroots, mostly-female production crew and cast—an offbeat and diverse bunch of badass, open-minded collaborators from the NYC creative community. We hope the future of music video culture embraces what Hoop Nose Ring is all about; free creative agency, playfulness, self-validation, and media produced in free, supportive spaces.

As the illustrious pop-song on his debut album, BLACKWATCHSAD, Hoop Nose Ring is a love letter from one man, GETOVERHER (AKA Jason Scott Henderson,) to the diverse rainbow of women in his hometown of NYC, with the understanding that the future is female.