Directed by Jenna Josepher + Giulia Marsico


For NVDES latest EP, I teamed up with Giulia Marsico and Jesse Untracht-Oakner to develop a series of five looping music video covers. We explored the mental and emotional impacts of love, heartbreak, vanity, sexuality, and objectification through the unforgiving virality and immediacy of the internet.  We created visually inane juxtapositions that balance absurdity and surrealism with the classic human figure. At a maximum of 20 seconds long, each one of these seamless loops was designed to for shareability.


For the Do You Think About Me full lyric video we utilized the stark juxtaposition of two similar yet highly contrasting images as an interpretation of what love on the internet can feel like; when you're receiving one signal but interpreting another, subsequently causing your reality to distort.

Music by NVDES
Director of Photography: Jesse Untracht-Oakner
Make-up: Priscilla Perez
Lyric Animation: Clara Nguyen, Brittny Cooper