what we are by beginners

music video

featured in flaunt magazine

Hips murmur the lyrics as bodies sway to the beat. Lower backs waggle with sassy tongues. A naked pregnant belly inflates a balloon. Breasts, endowed with eyes instead of nipples, watch you as you watch them. Slime abounds over pop-colored curves. It’s not sexy, but it’s not not sexy. It’s a “fuck you” of sorts leveled at puritanical notions of femininity. It’s an absurdist embrace of the fine line between the grotesque and the erotic– sent with loving snark. Above all, it embraces femme force.

director: Jenna Josepher

director of photography (NY): jacki huntington

assistant camera: brian bragazna, madeleine cooke

director of photography (LA): Danielle Spires

Wardrobe: Sara hinkley

Head make up artist (NY): Priscilla perez

Assistant make up artists: Andrea Dume, Diana Argueta

Hair and Make up (LA): Genevieve Lamb

Props stylist: Taylor Huff

Production assistant (NY): ege soyuer

production assistant (LA): Fabiola lopez

compositing: danielle sabolch, jenna josepher

Edit: Katyann Gonzalez, jenna josepher

logo + typography: luke mcgarry

blue girl: Giulia marsico

orange girl: Geordan briscoe

yellow girl: annie rigney